McLean County Dance Association

Student Information

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McLean County Dance Studios

1316 E. Empire St., Suite C, Bloomington | Map

  • Our studios are located on the first floor on the east side of the Delta Communities building.
  • A waiting area is provided outside the studios. Please do not allow children to run or climb in the building. Please do not allow children to leave our designated area, except to use the restrooms.
  • Restrooms are located down the hall west of our waiting area.
  • The dressing room should be used only by dancers. Dancers are asked to leave all bags, extra clothing and outerwear in the dressing room. Only valuables and water bottles may be taken into the studio. No food or drink except water is allowed in the dressing room.
  • Parking for MCDA is located on the east side of the building and directly behind our business in the adjacent parking lot.
  • Entrance to MCDA studios is limited to the east door only. We are not allowed to use any other door for entrance or exit (except in an emergency).
  • Parents may be invited into the studios to observe class at teacher discretion. At other times, parents may watch through the viewing windows. Please do not allow younger siblings to touch the viewing windows or otherwise disturb class.
  • Please help us to keep our area clean by picking up after yourself and your children. Please keep food items to a minimum.
  • Street shoes are not allowed in our studios. Dance shoes should be brought to class. Please do not wear them outside.


Families may apply for scholarships and applications will be assessed based upon financial need. HUD guidelines are used to help establish qualification for scholarships.

Performance Information

Winter Showcase: This is an informal, all-school performance. Classes give short demonstration/performances and refreshments are available.

Spring Gala: This is the all-school, end-of-year performance. It is held in the spring at the conclusion of our classes. Students are charged a $60 per class costume fee.

Performing Companies

McLean County Dance sponsors five affiliate performing companies. The members of these companies attend extra rehearsals in addition to taking classes, and have opportunities to perform beyond the regular dance school performances.

Our companies give lecture-demonstrations to area schools, dance in our annual spring performance, and participate in other community events.

Bloomington Ballet - Greg Merriman & Emily Schumacher, Directors

Bloomington Ballet II - Lesley Sutton, Director

Bloomington Ballet Apprentice Company - Emily Schumacher & Lesley Sutton, Co-Directors

Energy - Emily Schumacher, Director

JazzFusion - Jessica Riss-Waltrip, Director

Dance Class Etiquette


  • Be on time for class. If you must leave during class, do so quietly.
  • Be respectful by listening to your teacher and limiting classroom talk.
  • Accept your teacher's suggestions for improvement graciously.
  • Feel free to bring a water bottle into the studio.

Please do not:

  • Chew gum during class.
  • Hang on the barres, or touch the CD player or the mirrors.
  • Wear dance shoes outside.

Performance Etiquette


  • Remain backstage or in the dressing area while in costume.
  • Be respectful of other dancers and remain quiet while backstage.

Please do not:

  • Take food or drink (other than water) into the dressing area or backstage.

Guidelines for Student Discipline

The following guidelines will be used when dealing with a behavior/discipline problem with any student.

  • Step 1. The teacher addresses the problem with the student.
  • Step 2. The teacher addresses the problem, either in person or on the phone, with the parent.
  • Step 3. A meeting should be arranged and attended by the teacher, parent(s), and executive directors.
  • Step 4. If no resolution is reached, the Board of Directors will consider the matter and determine if termination of the student's participation in class is warranted. No refund of class fees will be issued upon that conclusion.

Preferred Attire for Dance Classes

Hair must be off the face for all classes!


  • Leotard or other dance attire
  • Footless tights
  • Dance pants or shorts
  • Bare feet


  • Leotard or other dance attire
  • Jazz I & II: Dance pants or leggings
  • Jazz III: Dance pants, leggings, or shorts
  • Jazz IV: Dance pants or leggings
  • Black, split-soled jazz shoes


  • Leotard or other dance attire
  • Dance pants or shorts
  • Tiny Tap & Tap I: Black buckle tap shoes (girls) & oxford (non-shiny) black tie tap (boys)
  • Tap II, III, Adult Tap: Black lace-up or slip-on oxford style tap shoes
  • No flexible, split-sole, or high heeled tap shoes

Hip Hop

  • Leotard or other dance attire
  • Dance pants or leggings
  • Black clean flat-soled sneakers (reserved only for dance & not worn outside), black jazz shoes, or black dance sneakers
  • Dancers must wear shoes.
  • No skirts, jeans, or oversized clothing


All ballet classes, excluding Adult Ballet, are required to wear the following:

  • Pink footed tights
  • Pink ballet shoes
  • Any color leotard
  • Hair in a bun
  • Dance warm-ups & ballets skirts acceptable
  • No T-shirts or shorts


  • Leotard or other dance attire
  • Dance pants or shorts
  • Lyrical half-sole shoes (canvas preferred)

Teen Technique

  • Leotard or other dance attire
  • Dance pants or shorts
  • Jazz shoes